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Mike Orton stepping down - his view

posted 1 Apr 2016, 01:16 by Rachel Eden   [ updated 1 Apr 2016, 01:17 ]

I am retiring from the council at this local election. I was first elected for Whitley ward in 1975 and I would like to say thank you to all those who have supported me. The time is right for me to stand down now.

 Emmett McKenna has shown that he is very hard working and cares about the issues that affect local people and communities. He is involved with several projects that will benefit the local community, including his work with schools. Emmett has my full support and I ask you to support him on 5th May.

 The government has been cutting benefits to the poorest people and those with disabilities to pay for tax cuts for the better off. This was finally exposed as just too much in the March Budget and has caused a major split in the Tory government.

 We shouldn’t think that is all, though. The government is still cutting funding to urban areas with the greatest needs, like Reading, to protect better off areas. We need councillors that will stand up to this.