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Emmett McKenna's letter to Whitley residents

posted 1 Apr 2016, 03:42 by Rachel Eden
Dear Resident,

 I am standing for election to continue the long record of service to the  community in Whitley ward provided by its Labour councillors. I care passionately about improving the life chances of people through education and want young people to be able to a get a decent home that is affordable, whether for rent or to buy.


 It is really important to give young people the opportunity to see just what is available and possible for them. I am involved with projects with local schools to encourage children to engage with science and to show them how many different and varied careers are available. As a scientist working for a company based on the university campus, I run  work experience sessions to show in practical ways what it means to work as a scientist.


The government says it is making more affordable housing available. This is simply not true. The reality is that the government’s talk of “affordable” is out of the reach of too many people, and it is enabling those with the money to take up new housing for buy to let. At the same time the government is attempting to kill off social council housing for rent. If elected I will do everything I can to highlight  and change this whilst working with other councillors to provide as many truly affordable homes as possible.

Developments in south Reading 

There are some big developments being proposed, such as Worton Grange and the stadium area.  I will work to get the maximum benefits for local people in terms of facilities and much needed housing.

 I am also committed  to continue the work of the local councillors in taking up problems and issues on behalf of individual residents. I ask for your support on 5th May.

Yours sincerely,